Forgive and Let Go Meditation:
A positive step to become closer and feel happier in your marriage
Resentment is a major silent killer of love and passion in romantic relationships. 
It often builds slowly over-time without you noticing it and then BAM, it hits an all-time high and you explode or doing something else that is out of character. 

For some resentment occurs suddenly, usually following a devastating blow to trust, love or security in the relationship.

Either way, it needs to be processed and let go of, so that you can live a happier, healthier and freer existence. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, it doesn't mean forgetting or condoning the hurtful behaviour - so begin your journey to deeper freedom now.

No matter how small or big the grudges you are holding, they will have an impact, don't carry them with you a day longer!

Why not set yourself free today and start to feel great again by getting your FREE Forgive & Let Go Meditation below!
Your Relationship & Intimacy Mentor 
Hi I’m Nicola Beer the World’s leading authority on how to save your marriage and maintain a close and fulfilling relationship. I’m an international best-selling author with 4 books and have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Network, Huffington Post and Wall Street Select.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals from all over the world to single-handedly transform their marital situation, as well as with couples to restore the love, passion, respect and happiness, that is so often missing when the connection and communication breaks down. 

Growing up I watched my parent’s fight bitterly for 14 years until they divorced. During this time I experienced firsthand the pain, heartache and stress that comes from living in a hostile environment and the impact of infidelity. They didn’t bother to work on the relationship so we all lived in a tense and unhappy home for many years. 

This experience scared me so much that in my own relationships as soon as things weren't as rosy or perfect I wanted, I escaped. I ran away instead of work through differences, needless to say I missed out on experiencing that love and connectedness you get from long-term relationships. I didn't know back then that the beauty of relationships are to help us grow and develop ourselves. That challenges are an opportunity to strengthen our love and compassion skills. I also didn't know how to discuss differences without exploding or shutting down. 

The good news is... 

Now I do. Having studied the psychology of relationships for 9 plus years and working with thousands of men and women I have been able to create a proven formula for transforming marriages and creating more intimacy, connection and love. 

My approach is radically different to marriage counselling. Bringing a couple together to talk about problems does more harm that good. As it increases negativity, resentment and focuses on blaming, so it often keeps couples stuck in the past. I focus on ACTIONS a couple can take to transform their marriage NOW!
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