How to re-inject the magic back into 

your sex lifeboost your libido and invigorate 

your sexual energy with greater confidence

Learn how to re-ignite the magic in your relationship by rediscovering your confidence and feeling attractive… 

...Plus discover how to attract and enjoy the intimacy in your relationship through trust, touch, and self-love.

Did you know that your lack of sexual desire can cause arguments in your relationship if it has not already done so in the past?

Do you constantly feel conscious about your body and it leaves you feeling down?

Is your partner interested in having more sex but you find you are rarely in the mood to?

Would you like to have the confidence to instigate sex, be more adventurous and naturally feel more sexual energy and playfulness?

Has sex started feeling like more of a chore than a pleasure?

Does fear of intimacy (trusting men & being touched) get in the way with you having the loving relationship you desire?

Are you ready to feel better, get your relationship back on track and rediscover your confidence, libido, and sexual desire?

I’m Nicola Beer, creator of the Sexual Boost Hypnotherapy Bundle, here to tell you that you can get it back on track. 

I’ve had the privilege to work (and still do) with thousands of couples and individuals to help them find their way back to themselves or their relationships.

This is why I decided to create the Sexual Boost Hypnotherapy Bundle knowing that the techniques and methods you will learn will not only help you rediscover your sexual strength but also help you reignite the passion back into your relationship. 

The Bundle is an easy-to-follow set of hypnotherapy tracks that you can listen to anywhere and anytime as long as you are able to relax and get into it fully. 

Reclaim your right to sexual pleasure and passion. 

Let go of sexual taboos or fears & live life on a higher vibration!

Get The Sexual Boost Hypnotherapy Bundle today and discover how to:

  • Boost your sexual energy
  • Improve your sex life
  • Become more creative and inspired 
  • Constantly find happiness and inner strength
Take back the power of feeling confident and sexy FROM WITHIN without having to look to your partner to validate your desirability.

Stop giving your power away by waiting for your partner to acknowledge or lead your sexual strength, sexiness, and confidence!

Turn a lack of interest back into passion and save your relationship!

Who Wouldn’t Want To Feel Sexy, Desirable And Confident About Ourselves And Our Body?

Start Your Sexual Boost Hypnotherapy With Any Of These 4 Tracks

Boost libido, sexual energy, and passion in your love life
Feel sexy, beautiful and Experience Pure body confidence
Invigorate your sexual energy and sex life with greater confidence
Invigorate your sexual energy and sex life with greater confidence
Learn To Be Sexually Open, Overcome Your Fears and Tightness

Maybe you’re wondering, “Is Hypnotherapy Safe?”

Hypnosis, according to the British Medical Association, is a natural state of deep relaxation and it was recognised back in 1955 by the British Medical Association as playing a legitimate role in health care and positive life change. 
Hypnotherapy has helped change millions of lives for the better and the great thing is you don’t even have to believe that it will. You can be skeptical and it can still work as it has been scientifically proven to make changes by simply relaxing and listening to positive suggestions. 
You may be scared, wondering what exactly hypnotherapy as I knew I was. All it is is putting you into a relaxed state of mind, so your conscious mind switches off and you can listen to supportive audios to boost your sexual energy, drive, and confidence. As well as increase how much you love and approve of yourself and body. This is what I have designed these 4 to do, and countless women have complimented me on how much their life and marriage has changed as a result. 

Remember that your subconscious mind controls all of your behavior, it makes your eyes shine, hair grow, heart beat and enables you to breathe in and out effortlessly without you having to think about it. It also controls your behaviors and habits, it creates your feelings and thoughts about yourself too. So when we work with your subconscious mind we can create lasting changes. 

Does this resonate with you?

Don't Just Take My Word For It

“I was searching for the best hypnotherapist in Dubai and Nicola was recommended to me by several people. I went to Nicola for panic attack treatment and anxiety treatment and had heard hypnotherapy could help. Nicola’s hypnotherapy cured my panic attacks and when we were talking I shared about my relationship anxieties. So I purchased the sexual energy boosting bundle and I found them all very helpful. Especially the relationship intimacy one, as after a bad experience I didn’t really feel safe or enjoy being intimate. This audio helped me find peace and pleasure in relationships and I now have a very good man who treats me well. Life is good again thanks to Nicola’s care and approach. Highly recommend hypnotherapy and somatic therapy in Dubai with Nicola if you can.”

- Sara Dubai, UAE

“I tried Nicola’s hypnotherapy first to heal after my husband's affair. I had low self-esteem after finding he had cheated on me again and was flirting with other women online. I felt ugly and blamed myself because, for a long time, I wasn’t interested in sex. I realized I played my part in his affair because I never felt like having sex, never did. When Nicola helped calm my anxiety and helped us both to save our marriage, I knew the sex was next. Sounds stupid but I brought the sex hypnotherapy and didn’t believe it would work and yet I thought it was worth trying, as I love my husband and wanted my marriage to work for us and my children. It was amazing the results; within a really short time, I managed to approach sex completely differently. I looked forward to it and because my confidence grew I was also able to direct my husband to make it better for me. We are both very happy and our sex life is the best it’s ever been despite getting older!”  

Anonymous Texas, USA 

‘Really helped shift my mood and feel good about myself, well worth the small investment.’ 

Gina London, UK

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Consider what your lack of confidence, sexual desire, and disinterest in sex is costing you, the emotional pain, the sleepless nights and the stress. Your relationship, rather than being a source of happiness, is draining you of energy and life. You have to make a change, for your own sanity.

"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of Insanity.”

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