If you're here, it's for two reasons...
Firstly, because you want your marriage to go back to the way it once was - full of life, passion, desire and of course... happiness

And secondly, because you still have the hope that it can go back to what it was despite what some people might tell you or 'advice' you've gotten that it's probably best to stop trying to revive your marriage.
Let me ask you:
Is your marriage struggling to stay a float?

Have you and your partner tried everything to rediscover the spark you first had when you met?

Have petty arguments turned into big issues that neither of you are willing to compromise on anymore?

Do you love your partner but feel like you just can't get through to them?

Have you lost the ability to positively communicate with your partner?

Have you just about lost hope that you can still save your marriage?
Hi, I'm Nicola Beer

Maybe you're asking 'Why I Care So Much About Helping YOUR Marriage?' 

Unlike other relationships experts who have a traditional marriage counseling background or counsel online, my motivation to save families and help thousands of people have a great marriage comes from my own personal experience.

When I was 14 years old, my parents divorced after several years of dealing with a volatile marriage. It was a deep personal loss for me as a young adult. 

Living through this and making plenty of my own relationship mistakes; like giving the silent treatment when I didn’t get my own way or harboring resentment inside until it became apparent in my mood. 

I landed up using food, alcohol or work to avoid dealing with my feelings and being unfulfilled in sex but not ever saying anything productive or helpful to change things.
After yet another failed relationship, the baggage of my parents disconnected marriage and the bitter divorce, I wanted to learn the secret of keeping love, passion and happiness alive in a relationship.

I found the answers after many years of researching, interviewing and learning from happily married couples what really works.
My passion is teaching individuals from all over the world to single-handedly transform their marital situation, as well as support couples who are on the brink of divorce and not sure how to move forward.

I support couples and individuals to create a closer connection, let go of resentment, past hurt and negativity and help them communicate and become lovers again by creating a new shared vision for the future.

This is the solution to most marital situations to stop going over the same old ground and to spend your time and energy on solutions. In this case actions to create a closer happier relationship and deal with the past in a forward focused manner. 
If you've tried therapy or thought things would eventually calm down, you might already feel like it hasn't worked and you aren't sure what to do next...
Many couples go through this and don't realise that hashing out all of their problems in a traditional therapy setup only amplifies their problems. 

While the common treatment is learning how to communicate to each other, it does little to help each partner put the hurt in the past and find a way to move on. 

Very often this kind of therapy can turn into volatile situations where one partner feels like the therapist is essentially deciding who is right and who is wrong. 

And while you think you are doing something to fix the situation, you could be causing more harm to an already fragile marriage.
Can You relate to this?
This, in addition to years and years of built up resentment and perhaps turning all that frustration inwards can lead to the deterioration of a marriage.

The partners can wake up one day feeling like it may be time to call it quits because in their mind, they've tried to make it work.

It does not have to be like this at all though. 

Maybe you are still holding out for that one thing that's going to turn things around or you are clinging to the love that you once felt for or shared with your partner. 

And if you're in that place... then it's really great you're here. 
Introducing 'the marriage makeover Revitalisation programme'
A programme created to help re-establish the connection, desire and passion you and your partner have shared in the past. 

If you've ever found yourself feeling like your marriage is suffering with the following...

- A looming/lingering divorce

- Infidelity

- Feelings of resentment

- A lack of passion, emotional closeness or genuine joy

- Emotional stressors

- The inability to reach compromise or be nice to one another

- Not having time for one another or giving each other the right attention

- Financial problems

- Zero sexual relationship or desire for one another

Or feeling like you are just stuck in the motion of routine between work, the kids and getting through daily life...

...then chances are your marriage is experiencing a lot of pain at the moment and hasn't had the chance to heal yet. 

If you can relate to any of the above (or all of it), then the Marriage Makeover is a good way for you to put the breaks on whatever harm you are bringing to your marriage and start working towards reclaiming your passionate, love-filled marriage you once had. 

Take A look at what other couples are saying about the programme
Before I started working with Nicola, I was extremely unhappy about my marriage and my life at home in general. The most difficult part was the lack of closeness in the marriage. We were also under financial stress, everything seemed like a pressure cooker in the house about to explode.

If I had continued down the path I was on I would have left the marriage, my family, friends, and community due to the embarrassment.

The thing about Nicola is that she is warm, kind, understanding, compassionate, and creates a safe environment to share your most personal and guarded challenges.

The privacy to have the internet counseling calls from your home or car, also were a great comfort to me. I got advice driving to and from work most of the time and she kindly emailed the notes and actions I could take to save my marriage. 

My biggest insight or lesson learned during our coaching was how I can live a life by design, and instead of dragging myself down by the things that frustrate me. I started the program alone and my wife joined me a few months later, it was great to start to see changes in her.

I'd recommend Nicola to anyone who is looking to take control of their life and relationship. In the free consultation, I knew instantly she could help me. Even before that her podcasts helped me so much!"

- Avrohom, New York
"I was really impressed with Nicola's range of solutions to help us move forward, she helped me stop the negative inner thoughts that kept coming up and plaguing me. 

She also helped my husband see what he could do to best support me and managed to get him out of his depression by focusing on the relationship rather than himself. 

 We’re so grateful for the guidance as I'm not sure how much longer I could have stayed trying on my own - it was painful."
- Debbie
My partner and I are currently experiencing severe financial restraints but i just had to sign up for your program to learn more. It's only been a week but my partner knows something is different and he is understandably cautious and curious. He has just left on a business trip for 8 days and I was so excited for him to go (which would have been so difficult before - my insecurity, jealousy and clinginess were three of our big issues).  Thank you, thank you , thank you - is not enough to thank you for doing the hard work to bring this truth to me and others. I want to share it with everyone. 
You'll Get Access to the following
- 10 Key Principles for Marriage Transformation: 

- Protecting Your Marriage from Angry Outbursts and Angry Silences: The key to learning WHY you or your spouse keep your anger. Discover the different ways to cool down, diffuse a situation and detect the warning signs. With this, you will be able to prevent this anger from turning into Resentment or Rage and ultimately protect your marriage and stop divorce. 

- Clearing resentment audio and worksheet & The Forgive, Let Go & Make Your Marriage Great Hypnotherapy Audio: Learn why resentment can be such a devastating factor in a marriage and how to identify the signs before it gets out of hand. Plus understand why forgiveness is so liberating and where its place is in your marriage.

- Couples Activity Planner: Get 100 ideas on how to start exploring and doing new things in your marriage. There is nothing greater than shared interests as a way of creating more love in your marriage. Use this guide to enhance your communication, re-ignite passion and help you become closer, become friends and feel like a team again.

- How to improve your communication: Get 12 top tips on keeping your communication, calm, centered and helpful with focused solutions to guide you - even if you are the only one interested in saving your marriage right now.

- Instant & Downloadable materials sent to you as soon as you complete your purchase

- A whole new reality in the relationship with yourself and your partner

'How to Ruin or Recover from an Affair and Affair-Proof Your Marriage'
This infidelity audio recording covers what to do if your partner is having an affair and how to ruin it. It includes exclusive material on how to recover from an affair, rebuild respect and trust, How to deal with the question “What if I am attracted to someone else?” "How long does affair recovery take" How to overcome the pain after the affair?" Plus, you get 4 important steps to affair-proof your marriage. 
If you are willing to take action, this audio programme will guide you to change your marriage.

What do you have to lose? 

Here is Julie’s story:

I really can't thank you enough for the wisdom, support and guidance your audio set has provided. My year started off with my husband wanting a divorce and now we are happily married and looking forward to what our future has instore for us. It has been an amazing learning experience and even my husband listened and implemented the 10 key principles. I truly believe if I had not started with your steps I would no longer have a marriage but I do.

Plus The Marriage Makeover Revitalisation Programme is available instantly as downloadable audio files. 

This means you can listen to them as you want, where you want and as many times as you need.

But more importantly, it means you get to start working on saving your marriage immediately.

Marriage Makeover Audio Revitalisation Program

And for a limited time only, you get access to a special discount
Don't Pay $297
You Get it For Just $97
CAUTION: This offer expires when you close this page. This 10 plus part audio set is designed for the person or couple who wants to “dip their feet in” before “taking the plunge.” It's also an excellent program that costs under $100. 

You'll get step-by-step instructions that will help transform your marriage, although it's not the same as working with me one to one, it has had amazing results.    

"We tried to solve all of our issues on our own for a few weeks, but it didn't work, we kept having the same issues come up time and time again. Traditional marriage counselling was pushing us further apart.
At first, my husband was reluctant because he has no free time but we both knew something had to change. We looked at the Audio Set and decided that we would start here as it worked for his busy schedule and was such a reasonable price. The information about how to Protecting Your Marriage from Angry Outbursts and Angry Silences helped my husband control his anger by channelling it in different ways and also helped me to let go of past hurt for good. Things have been going great since we made the commitment to implementing the 10 key principles as Nicola describes in the audios. We've become closer, laugh and chat again like we did when we first met."
- Anna, London
This program has been able to save hundreds of marriages. 

It's particularly ideal if you have financial restraints or are not ready to invest in one to one support.

If you're ready to saveyour marriage you will have to work through the audio set and use the advice on a daily basis in your marriage. You will see some results immediately (the program is downloadable right now) but you will only see the real changes once you have completed and applied the 10 key principles to your relationship, cleared your own negativity and resentment and got clear on how to show love in different ways. 

Many share that the results last a life time and have helped them in their relationship with their children as well. 

This transformation can be yours too for just one payment of $97!

Why am I offering it at such a HUGE DISCOUNT (regular price $297)?!

Because I want you to experience the love you deserve in your marriage!

I want you to have the experience that your heart KNOWS you're here to have. 

And I want you to know what it feels like to live in love and relationship bliss with the person you chose to give your life to.

It really is that simple. I'm here for you.

And because i want you to benefit from this fully, 
i am prepared to offer you a 100% money back guarantee
Try For 15 Days Risk FREE! 

Your satisfaction and marriage are of the utmost important and I want the best results for you. So I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to implement all the strategies and tools provided and you don’t get the results as promised, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. 

"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition if Insanity.” We have all heard this before but in relationships we tend to do the same thing again and again. You have to make a change, for your own sanity. 

Just consider what your marital disappointment and frustration is costing you, the emotional pain, the sleepless nights and the stress. Your marriage rather than being a source of happiness is more than likely draining you of energy and life, right? 
If you continue down the same path you are likely to continue with your unhappy marriage, sorry to say that but it is true. To change your marriage, to change your situation, you need to learn new ways of acting and relating, you need a new approach. 
Marriage Makeover Audio Revitalisation Program
Was $297 
Nicola Beer is an international relationship and self-love coach with an international reputation for saving marriages. She is an expert in infidelity and has helped thousands of men, women and couples after their affair to heal the past and become closer after.

She also teaches individuals how to single-handedly transform their marital situation, when separation has occurred, divorce threats made or one spouse has moved into the other bedroom. 

No thank-you, I want private one to one support with Nicola